5th Grade Supply List
                                                              supply list apple

2 packs WIDE-RULED Notebook Paper                                   1 Roll Paper Towels

#2 Pencils -NO MECHANICAL PENCILS                                   1 Bottle White School Glue

1 - 3 Subject Spiral Notebook                                                Highlighters

3 Composition Notebooks                                                      Clip board

5 Plastic Folders with Clasps AND Pockets                               Box for art supplies and pencils

Scissors, Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils                       Watercolor paint set

Expo Markers for student use                                                Girls:

3 (or more) Glue Sticks                                                            1 pack of COLORED Copy/Printer paper
                                                                                             1 box quart-size Ziploc bags
2 Boxes Kleenex          
2 Bottles Germ-X                                                                  Boys:
                                                                                              1 pack white cardstock
1 Container Disinfecting Wipes                                                   1 box gallon-size Ziploc bags