Name:  Delita Clements                          
Subject: Math
Grade: 5th

Welcome to Mrs. Clements' Room!! I am so excited to be your teacher!
 Let me tell you a little about me!!!
  I graduated from Jacksonville State University in 2003. I am highly qualified to teach. I  just graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with my Master's Degree in ESL Education. I have been teaching at West End for  11 years. I have two wonderful children and a very special stepson. 
Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to you in prayer
for the children in my charge.

Lord, let me remember that tomorrow
is a new day...
Let me forget about Johnny sharpening my
favorite pen in the pencil sharpener.
Let me forget about Sarah breaking her crayons
into a million little pieces.
Let me forget about the messy desks,
spilled glue, and paper airplanes that never
quite made it to the garbage can.

Dear Lord, this is what I pray that you
will help me to remember:
Remind me that Jennifer's mom and dad just divorced,
so that I may have extra patience and understanding.
Remind me that Chris needs a snack when he gets to school,
he rarely gets to school in time for breakfast,
and can't pay attention when his tummy is always growling.
Remind me that Cassie has a brand new baby at home,
to make sure I give her plenty of extra attention.
And Lord, remind me to not frown when Joey
tells me he didn't get his homework done, again...
Let me not forget that he doesn't have a desk, a room,
or even a home of his own, that he does the best he can.

Dear Lord, there are so many more needs
to share with you!
Children who need shoes on their feet,
jackets on their backs, school supplies...
And these are just their physical needs.
Lord, you hear their prayers at night,
give them strength and courage to be the best
that they can possibly be.
Please, let me be a positive influence
in their little lives and
let my classroom be a warm, safe haven
against the storm.

Oh, Heavenly Father!
I almost forgot!
Lord, I pray you will help me to teach
every child how to read, write, and count!


--Donna R. Burran, ©2000