Social Studies

Social Studies
  • Our Social Studies Alabama Courese of Study objectives cover:
1.) Use daily schedules and timelines from birth to present to relate self and family to changes over time.
• Using vocabulary to describe periods of time
Examples: long ago, yesterday, today, tomorrow
2.) Compare families of today with families of the past in relation to work, home, and school.
- present-one or both parents working outside the home, families sharing household responsibilities, students having choices of transportation;
- past-parents working together on family-owned farms, family responsibilities assigned by gender, students walking to school
3.) Identify historically significant events as they relate to self and family.
Examples: Veterans Day, Independence Day
• Identifying famous individuals associated with holidays and celebrations
- Presidents' Day-George Washington, Abraham Lincoln;
- Thanksgiving-Squanto, Pilgrims;
- Black History Month-Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker T. Washington
• Describing personal and family experiences related to holidays and celebrations
4.) Identify personal use of goods and services.
• Demonstrating ways money is used in everyday life
Examples: saving money in piggy banks, using money to buy pencils at the school supply store
• Identifying various community helpers and their roles in the community
Examples: farmers providing food, firefighters putting out fires, health care professionals giving vaccinations, police officers protecting citizens
5.) Identify personal wants and needs.
• Discussing differences between purchasing and bartering for materials
Examples: purchasing candy at the grocery store, trading candy for baseball cards
• Discussing reasons for making choices
6.) Identify vocabulary related to location and direction.
• Locating objects and places to the right or left, up or down, in or out, and above or below
• Giving directions
• Following directions
7.) Identify representations of Earth using technology, maps, and globes.
• Creating simple maps
Examples: home, classroom, school
8.) Describe effects of different seasons on self and family.
Example: needing to wear a coat in winter
• Discussing economic factors affected by seasonal changes
Example: heating and cooling expenses
9.) Describe ways people celebrate their diverse cultural heritages.
Examples: literature, language, games, songs, dances, holidays
10.) Discuss rights and responsibilities of individuals in relation to different social groups, including family, peer group, and classmates.
• Explaining the importance of manners and social etiquette
• Explaining the necessity for rules and laws and consequences of failing to obey them
Examples: raising hand before speaking to eliminate noise and allow every person to be heard, obeying traffic signs and signals to avoid traffic tickets and accidents, recognizing that playing with matches could lead to getting burned
11.) Identify historic symbols of patriotism.
Examples: Alabama state flag; the flag of the United States; eagle; Pledge of Allegiance; red, white, and blue; the song "America"; the national anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner"