Classroom Rules


To ensure that each child has a pleasant, positive learning experience, a classroom management plan for my classroom has been developed. Every child deserves to learn in an environment that allows learning to take place. This plan will help insure control in the learning environment. There are six basic “Good Citizen” rules of behavior we are working on learning in the class. These are the following:


We will:

1. Be kind to others.

2. Raise our hand to speak.

3. Listen when others speak.

4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

5. We are responsible for what we say and do.

6. Always do your best work.


If a child chooses not to follow the rules, the consequences are as follows:

First Time: Oral warning.

Second Time: The child will recieve a conduct mark on their conduct sheet. 

Third Time: The child recieve another conduct mark and a time out during recess or another desired activity.

Fourth Time: The child will be sent to the principal’s office, a check mark given and a phone call made to parents.


Children with no check marks all week will get a prize out of the classroom treasure box on Friday. A behavior report will be sent home daily to keep you updated on your child’s behavior throughout the school day. Please stress the importance of these rules to your child.


Thanks for your cooperation,

Mrs. Robin Hopper


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