Kindergarten Supply List 2017-2018



West End Elementary

Kindergarten Supply List



      2 packs of Crayola 8 count crayons

      3 packs of Crayola 24 count crayons

      1 pack of Washable Crayola Classic Markers

      1 pack of Crayola Water Paints

      1 pack #2 regular size Pencils

      4 packages of glue sticks

      1 pair Fiskar’s BLUNT scissors

      1 plastic pencil box

      1 zipper pouch for conduct notebook

      1 hard vinyl notebook with pockets ½ inch (3 ring binder)

      2 bottles of GermX

      4 boxes Kleenex

      4 packs of Wet Ones

      1 box gallon ziplock bags

      1 box quart ziplock bags

      1 pkg. Expo markers (fine point) for student use

      2 container of Clorox wipes for germ control (optional)

      1 container Lysol spray  (optional)

      2 folders with pockets and brads

      1 pair headphones

      3 roll of paper towels

      1 ream of copy paper

      Mat for naptime and a towel (optional) for cover

      $10.00 donation for Handwriting/Art Supplies