Doubles Rap

Doubles Rap

It's the doubles, baby!
Let's go! Let's go!
It's the doubles, baby,
And it starts with ZERO!

0+0=0 Oh!

1+1=2 Ooooooh!

2+2=4 More!

3+3=6 Kicks!

4+4=8 That's great!

5+5=10 Again!

6+6=12 That’s Swell!

7+7=14 Let's lean!

8+8=16 Really Keen!

9+9=18 Jelly Bean!

10+10=20 That's plenty!
Doubles Song

Doubles are fun, doubles are cool.
We're havin' fun, doin' doubles at school.
Doubles are cool, doubles are fun.
We're doin' doubles 'til the school day is done.