Reading/Grammar Information

for the Week of...
February 3-7

Reading Vocabulary

The Buffalo Are Back Story Vocab.

Digital Main Idea Bag Due Feb. 7

Reading Skills/Strategies
This week we will:
*Discuss Main Idea and Key Details.
*Review using context clues.
*Practice identifying the Main Idea & Key Details of nonfiction text.

 We add important information to our interactive notebooks about the skills we learn in class. Your child should use this as a study tool in preparation for weekly tests and to enhance comprehension.

 Our Reading website is...

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Narrative Writing

This week we will....

*Review the steps of the writing process.
 *Continue working on developing a narrative writing piece.


We add information and practice sheets to our Interactive Notebooks regularly. The practice sheets provide more in-depth information about what we're covering in class than the simple skill name I post here.  It is important that your child carry his/her notebook home each day to review the lessons and information we cover in class.
 **I try my best to keep this page current and up-to-date on the skills we cover in class. However, there are things that arise that might keep me from getting this site updated at the start of each new week. Please check your child's grammar notebook daily to see what we are covering in class. That is your greatest source of information about the skills we cover because the practice sheets we complete and glue in the notebook have more in-depth information about the skills.


** Reading Basal Story and Vocabulary
      Tests are given on Thursdays of each
      week that we read a story, or the week
      after we read a story, unless otherwise
**  Skill Tests are given as we finish
      thoroughly discussing a skill/topic.
** Grammar Tests/Quizzes are given
      throughout the week, as the need arises,
      or at the end of the unit we are
Please have/help your child study his/her vocabulary words and lesson information each night.