Accelerated Reader


Accelerated Reader

Each child at West End Elementary should be using the Accelerated Reader program to improve their reading skills. They will be given a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) that tells us - teachers, students, and parents the level that your child should be reading independently with success. By success I mean that they should be reading and taking AR quizzes and making at least an 90 on the quiz. If your child is making all 100's then he/she is not being challenged, If they are making below 85 then they are struggling  with books that are too hard for them.


Encourage your child to read and quiz often.


mouse headFAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you have an AR quiz on every book in the library?

Answer: No, there is not an AR quiz for every book, but if there is an AR quiz WEE have it!! 

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Question: Does that mean I can't read the books that don't have AR quizzes?

Answer: No, even your teachers don't want to limit what you read to just AR books, but before you spend a lot of time on a non AR book, be sure you are well on your way to achieving your AR goals.

Question: Who sets AR goalsmouse head

Answer: Your child and their teacher should decide on a goal together.

mouse head Question: What happens if I reach my goal?

Answer: Great Job!! A goal is a two part achievement. First part of the goal is to have answered all quizzes with at least an 85% correct average for the 9 week grading period, the second part consists of reaching a point goal determined by reading level and how long you are expected to read daily. If you have done this we will CELEBRATE! some of the fun that we have had include Going Roller Skating, A Picnic in the Park, Going to the High School and attend A Pep Rally!, and more fun to come!!!
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