Spelling/Vocabulary Page 2

Passage to Freedom Vocabulary Spelling Words
agreement refugees staffs chiefs quizzes chefs
cable representatives ourselves buffaloes sheriffs pianos
diplomat superiors pants flamingos dominoes
issue visa scissors beliefs thieves
loaves echoes measles
volcanoes shelves avocados
The Ch'i-lin Purse Vocabulary
astonished procession Spelling Words
behavior recommend snore report repair volunteer
benefactor sacred tornado prepare sword declare
distribution traditions spare pioneer ignore
gratitude appear chair order
career beware engineer
square smear resort
Jane Goodall's 10 Ways
to Help Save Wildlife Vocabulary Spelling Words
conservation contribute example oxygen fossil sudden
enthusiastic investigation level wooden toboggan beagle
environment human double veteran
quarrel travel chisel
scramble cancel suburban
evil chuckle single
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Vocabulary Spelling Words
fate magnified danger surrender caterpillar
fearless somber wander solar rumor
glimmer steed tractor sticker glimmer
lingers dollar locker linger
harbor helicopter sensor
eager pillar alligator
eraser refrigerator
Wings for the King Vocabulary Spelling Words
admiringly subject jewel pajamas carnival operate
permit worthless kingdom estimate illustrate celery
scoundrel gasoline tomorrow elegant
factory humidity census
garage Chicago terrific
tropical bulletin celebrate
Leonardo's Horse Vocabulary Spelling Words
achieved fashioned waterproof earthquake spotlight postcard
architect midst teaspoon rowboat blindfold hummingbird
bronze philosopher grasshopper scrapbook whirlpool bird
cannon rival homesick countryside tablespoon thumbtack
depressed barefoot lightweight greenhouse
courthouse fishhook
The Dinosaurs of Vocabulary Spelling Words
Waterhouse Hawkins erected proportation excuse science exclaim smudge
foundations tidied scene schedule fascinate schooner
mold workshop muscle gigantic ginger
occasion explore scheme scholar
pledge Japan scent
journal excellent dodge
Mahalia Jackson Vocabulary Spelling Words
appreciate religious address Mississippi Tennessee allowance
barber slavery college immediate gallop zucchini
choir teenager mirror command opponent
released recess appreciate barricade
committee announce broccoli
collect possess accomplish
Special Effects in Vocabulary Spelling Words
Film and Television background landscape uncover disability unpredictable disqualify
miniature prehistoric defrost discomfort able undecided
reassembled uncomfortable deodorant disapprove
discourage unemployed disappoint
disadvantage deflate unpleasant
unfortunate disbelief dehydrated unfamiliar
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